Christmas Trees That Please

When it comes to Christmas  trees , there are many different schools of thought on which is better, real or artificial? There are many advantages to both and both are certainly beautiful. But which one is right for you? Below are some key points to keep in mind while deciding on a real or artificial Christmas  tree .

One of the benefits that artificial  trees  have over real  trees  is that they are very low maintenance and you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up after it. Artificial  trees  don’t require watering and they also won’t drop needles. They may drop a few needles that have become loose over the years of use but the number of needles dropped will be far less than that of a real  tree . Dropped pine needles aren’t only an inconvenience; they can also be dangerous to pets that try to eat them.

Another hassle with a real  tree  is that they are much harder to find and bring home than an artificial  tree  is. A real  tree  requires going out to find the  tree , whether it be from a local seller or actually going out to cut your own. The  tree  must then be attached to the vehicle somehow to get it home and that can require different cords and attachments. It can be a real pain just to get it on the car. With an artificial  tree , it’s much easier to pick out the nicest from the store, pack it into the car in its box and bring it home.

Once the  tree  is home however, the artificial  tree  will need to be assembled and set up. This is not true with real  trees , which already come complete. Some artificial  trees  are very easy to set up with branches just being inserted to a pool that has the outline of a  tree . Others though can be quite difficult and have certain places that certain branches have to go or they will not fit. This can sometimes be very frustrating.

Storage is also an issue with artificial  trees . They will need to be packed back in their boxes and stored in a closet or garage, taking up valuable space. It can also be quite bothersome to find that  tree  that was put away the year before after an entire year’s worth of storage has been placed in with the  tree , perhaps burying it. Real  trees  however can simply be thrown out once the holiday is over.

Cost is always a factor when deciding on any purchase. Artificial  trees  are definitely more inexpensive, even if there is a larger initial payment required. Even with the high cost of the artificial  tree , this cost is a one-time fee and does not need to be paid every year. With a real  tree , a  tree  must be bought every year and over the years, this can become quite costly.

One benefit that a real  tree  has over an artificial  tree  is the beautiful natural smell that they produce. This is the sole reason why many people opt for real  trees . And it is a reason that cannot be argued. Real  trees  smell beautiful and there’s no comparison. It’s possible to buy a pine fragrance that is made especially to be sprayed on artificial  trees  but it is not the same as the scent a real  tree  produces.

Source by Sam Bellows

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